Identify and control golf course traffic issues in real time

Verifeye’s advanced cloud-based tracking system and live reports empower you and your team to monitor, track and discover pace of play issues in real time, so you can address and control them with ease, without disturbing golfers.

How Verifeye helps you address pace of play issue

Using passive golf-bag RFID tags, golfers are tracked as they pass discreet readers on the course. This technology enables you to:

  • Track individuals on the course
  • Monitor and understand individuals’ habits
  • View live positions and projected finish times
  • Assess the overall pace of play

The Verifeye dashboard

A live dashboard provides all relevant information on how the current pace, traffic and arrangement is on course, at any given time. As pace issues arise, groups and individuals are grouped into yellow and then red warning categories to easily identify potential issues.

The Verifeye GAP report

An extensive analysis of pace of play can be found in The GAP Report. The report monitors current or completed rounds and presents your team with data about how fast or slow golfers and groups are playing around the golf course along with their project locations. This data allows your team to quickly determine where there may be potential pace of play issues and have them corrected immediately.


The GAP Report tracks the following pace of play metrics:

Reassuring for golfers

The benefits of Verifeye’s pace of play capabilities are also enjoyed by golfers.

Golfers can enjoy an undisturbed round of golf, with the added benefit of knowing that they and other golfers are being monitored to ensure no bottlenecks or traffic issues occur ahead of their game.